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Information The variety of options for travelling Germany mean driving is not necessary to reach most of the attractions.

Les transports publics de Berlin

Public transport between cities is fast and efficient enough to allow hops between destinations and two-wheel traffic is a further option. Tickets issued by regional transport authorities for single journeys or day tickets may be valid for train journeys or combined journeys of bus and train, even though the trains are Deutsche Bahn-operated.

The sources for general transport information are many and are given by mode below. Its timetables are not exhaustive for regional lines but provide an excellent guide to what is offered on the main lines.

For price and other comparisons between modes for selected journeys, visit the site www. The search engine in a few minutes responds to each point-to-point query with a series of options listed by cost, including total travel time and other timetable details plus the number of changes for the journey.

The GPS tracker gets attached to the desired object, animal or person. The GPS tracker determines its position. The GPS tracker transmits its location to you. Whether people, handbags, bicycles or cars.

It provides printable results sheets and the user can select an option and be linked to the relevant transport booking site. It is a fast method of finding the cheapest option and highlights how much cheaper berlin gets single app for all types of transport for rail off-peak berlin gets single app for all types of transport can be.

The traffic in the age of operators such as Airberlin, Germanwings and other budget airlines is significant Lufthansa also flies domestic routes but the main volume of domestic travel is by rail and bus.

Berlin's public transport: How to use it

Deutsche Bahn is the national railway service, claiming almost 27, passenger trains daily and almost two billion passengers a year. There are almost 34,km of lines in Germany and the regional and city networks integrate well with DB trains.

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The DB corporate website www. Travellers can check departures to any destination, bring up times, options and prices or book, pay and print tickets online.

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At most stations travellers can punch in destinations at ticket machines and sample a range of connections, including travel time, connecting trains and transfer times, often platform and train numbers and details of restaurant car and bistro availability.

Travellers can also go to the website to explore booking tickets by mobile phone or iPad under the Offers menu.


The service portal www. Cars can be carried on trains using the DB Autozug service. The ICE Sprinter trains make few stops.

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From Berlin, Cologne is just over four hours away and Munich can be reached in about six hours. Services include bistros on board, seat service for first-class passengers, information points, in der disco flirten programs, mobile phone repeaters, quiet no mobile phone zones, parent-child compartments and baby changing stations see also Wi-fi access below.

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Rail pass users travel on these trains at no extra charge, although on some routes seat reservations see below might be advisable at peak times of year. It is also possible to reserve from seat diagrams when booking online under the Offers menu at www.

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Intercity IC trains run frequent high-speed links on main lines, offering on-board bistros and power outlets to seats. Basic D-class trains run day or night.

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S-Bahn Schnellbahn or Stadtbahn, see Transport - Urban lines often link large nearby population centres as well as a metropolis with its hinterland, sometimes with small first-class areas in carriages. Overnight trains with sleeper and couchette accommodation will run between Hamburg or Hannover and Munich, Berlin or Leipzig and Munich, Cologne or Düsseldorf and Munich, but these will reportedly cease after December DB overnight trains with sleeper and couchette accommodation ceased at the end of Each has nine economy compartments with basin and access to a shower at the end of the corridor, and three luxury compartments with private toilet and shower.

PAJ’s GPS Tracker helps you to to knowwhere you valuable property is.

Some cars are double-deck. Each compartment has three berths but compartments can be sold as single, double or triple. Night snacks and water is provided, with slippers and towels, and a menu breakfast is served.

Budget four or six-bunk couchette compartments are available with sheets, blankets and pillow with tea or coffee and a light breakfast included, with snacks available to buy. Couchettes suit groups well, although sleeper compartments can be booked with interconnecting doors. Plans can be viewed online.

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Six-seat overnight compartments are also available. There are no dining cars.

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Seat reservations are necessary. Finding carriages and booked seats on long trains is easy. On station platforms diagrams of each train on regular runs will be shows with first yellow and second-class green sections, on-board bistros, labelled and coded to correspond to the letters shown above platform areas when the train halts.