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Single note cologne you intend to rent an apartment offered on the private housing market, it will be worthwhile to arrive in Cologne prior to the beginning of the semester. Apartments and rooms can also be found advertised in local newspapers and on their websites.

Most ads are published in the Friday and Saturday editions.

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The ads are published on the Internet one day after they have appeared in the paper. Dear future students! If you are searching for a room on the private market, please be aware of scammers!

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They ask you to pay a security deposit single note cologne well as monthly rents. These people are scammers; you will most likely never single note cologne the money again! Explain a little something about yourself: Where do you come from, what are you going to study at TH Köln, how are you financing yourself in Germany?

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If you apply for a room in a WG, read the text of the flat very carefully: Do you have the same or similar hobbies? Do you share common interests? You will be invited to an interview.

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You get the chance to see your future room and to meet your future flat mates. But they also get a chance to check you out. Do you fit in their life? They will only single note cologne you the room if they like you.

On your search for new accommodation you might stumble across a lot of abbreviations.

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The most important ones are explained below. You have to buy part of the furnishings. If any damage has been done, the landlord is allowed to withhold the amount of the money needed for the repairs kennenlernen vergangenheitsform the deposit.

The room is fully equipped with all necessary furnishing. Shared housing: Single note cologne indicates a communal living arrangement in which several tenants share a flat, each having his or her own bedroom but sharing kitchen and bath, utilities costs, etc.

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In Germany the WGs are normally mixed. Keep this in mind.

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If you rather not share with the opposite sex do take this into account and ask. The owner of the room is renting it out for a limited time, often furnished normally between single note cologne and 6 months.

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Social co-habitation project - Wohnen für Hilfe Students with a strong sense of community may want to consider becoming involved in the project Wohnen für Hilfe: In this project, students lend a helping hand to people from single note cologne generations — such as senior citizens, families, single parents or handicapped persons — with everyday chores.

In return, you are kennenlernen für single note cologne rent-free accommodation and will solely have to pay utility costs. In order to be eligible for the program, you should have a good command of the German language and stay in Cologne for more than one year. Detailed information on the project is available in German on the Wohnen für Hilfe website.


We only recommend legal streaming services. Please take into account that in addition to regular costs of living, students are required to pay a public broadcasting fee Rundfunkbeitrag for the use of the German public television, radio and online services.

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Generally speaking, every household in Germany is required to pay this fee, international students included. Detailed information on the public broadcasting fee is available in the download box.

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The increasing influx of people can single note cologne the search for adequate accommodation quite difficult. That is why the Department of International Affairs strongly recommends that you start looking for a place to live as soon as possible. The fierce competition on the housing market has resulted in above-market rents — particularly in proximity of the city center.

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We therefore encourage you to be flexible: Try to look for apartments outside the center, as you will encounter less competition and lower rents. In light of the relatively central location and great public-transportation accessibility, you can easily reach both TH Köln campuses at Cologne Südstadt and Cologne Deutz from any district in Cologne.

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Visiting the website of the Cologne Transportation Authority KVB will allow you to estimate how fast you can reach your campus single note cologne the individual districts. Detailed information on the districts of Cologne can also be found on the website: However, public transport means that you can still get to the city center quickly. In Chorweiler you will find many green areas and forests in addition to single note cologne popular Lake Fühlingen.

There are also plenty of shopping facilities here: The cultural and leisure facilities include the district library, an indoor swimming pool and a large leisure pool including a fitness studio, the Aqualand.

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Thanks to the comparatively low rents, more and more students live here. Single note cologne nightlife is limited, Chorweiler can be characterized as a family-friendly quarter - ideal for those who want to concentrate on their studies without too much distraction.

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